Giveaway: Current Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

Giveaway is an effort to distribute prizes or something free of charge to market a business. In fact, giveaway has become one of the trends nowadays.

Why is that? Actually, what is a giveaway?

So, in this article, we will invite you to get to know the meaning of a giveaway, its benefits, types, and how to make a giveaway. As a bonus, we will also provide some tips to make the giveaway even more interesting. 

Can’t wait, huh? Let’s just get started.

What are Giveaways?

Giveaway is a promotional strategy by distributing prizes to audiences under certain conditions. Usually, the conditions are in accordance with the purpose of the giveaway, such as commenting on posts, to doing challenges.

So, even though the origin of the word giveaway is to give something for free, clear program provisions are an integral part of this marketing activity.

In its development, giveaway is often used to promote products. An example of a giveaway that is often found is the Instagram giveaway.

Basically, you can run a giveaway on any digital platform, whether it’s a website, forum, or even email.

Until here, do you understand what giveaway means? Then, what types of giveaways can you do? Let’s move on to the next part.

Types of Giveaway

In practice, there are 2 types of giveaway that you can choose from, namely:

1. Self Giveaway 

Self giveaway is a type of giveaway that is carried out independently. So, all promotional, conditions, to prizes, you are the one who arranges it. 

Self giveaways are usually carried out by experienced business people, have a lot of customers, or have a special marketing budget.

The requirements may also vary according to the destination. For example, asking participants to follow social media accounts, or giving challenges in the form of uploads on social media accounts. 

So are the prizes. You can give gifts in the form of digital physical products according to your type of business or discounts and others.

2. Sponsor Giveaway

Want to make a giveaway but don’t want to bother? Giveaway sponsors can be an option. Sponsored giveaways are giveaways organized by third parties, usually called hosts. 

The whole series of giveaway events, starting from information on the existence of a giveaway program to who will win the giveaway is arranged by the host. You simply pay for the service. 

So, because this type of giveaway is usually attended by several brands at once, the event being held will look big. 

More giveaway sponsors for brand awareness and engagement purposes. Not surprisingly, the general requirement of this type is to get as many participants as possible. Giveaway sponsorship is suitable for beginner online shops with a small audience.

Benefits of Giveaway

For the audience, giveaway is a golden opportunity to get prizes for free. However, for businesses, the giveaway strategy also has many benefits as follows:

1. Increase Leads

One of the benefits of a giveaway is that it can increase leads, namely potential customers. This can be done if the condition for getting a giveaway prize is to provide a contact that can be contacted.

Contacts for these leads are of course not just names and phone numbers, but can be more diverse. For example Instagram accounts, emails, to WhatsApp numbers.

Armed with these contacts, you can send information about your business when holding promotions or releasing the latest products.

2. Increase Engagement

The advantage of holding a giveaway is increasing engagement from the audience. Engagement is communication between you and the consumer.

The higher the engagement in each of your marketing channels, the greater the chance of forming loyal customers. That way, it’s easier for businesses to grow.

Engagement can show how consumers trust your product. On the other hand, you can also get feedback to develop products if consumers say there are still deficiencies. 

3. Strengthening Brand Awareness

Furthermore, the benefit of the giveaway is increasing consumer understanding of the brand. With a reward program like this, they can get to know your business easily.

Brand awareness is customer awareness of your product or service. Starting from the name, logo, tagline, colors, and other things related to the brand. 

Giveaways are often used to increase brand awareness. What is the reason? 

  • easier to attract new consumers to
  • build trust in the brand to 
  • form loyal consumers

How many of you call mineral water Aqua? Even though there are many brands besides that. Well, that’s because the Aqua brand is already very strong. That level of brand awareness needs to be obtained.

So, if you often hold giveaway programs to introduce products, brand awareness will also have a positive impact.  

4. Effective Word of Mouth Promotion 

Giveaway can also be one of the profitable promotions. One of them, word of mouth marketing. 

The effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing has not diminished. In fact, 90% of people still buy items recommended by friends. The more often a brand is discussed, the more recognized that brand.

Ultimately, this can increase trust in a product and drive sales.

In the digital era like now, word of mouth has a much wider impact. This is because it can be done on various platforms in the form of testimonials, reviews and more. 

5. Save Budget

Giveaway is budget saving? Why, isn’t it wasteful to give away gifts?

At first glance it looks like that. But, actually with a minimal budget, the results you can get are more optimal, you know. Try to compare it with advertising on billboards. To get a large audience, you have to install more, right?

With a giveaway, the value of the prize can be adjusted, the audience is much more specific and the engagement is more measurable. If you get leads, the list of potential customers is also more potential.  

With minimal costs, the exposure (reach) of the promotion can be wider. 

6. Programs are Easy to Run

Compared to other marketing strategies, giveaways are easier to run. This is the most recognizable benefit of the giveaway. Why is that?

Discount sharing programs attract the most attention with a simple concept. So, once you have determined the target audience, the type of giveaway prize and the requirements, the giveaway can be held immediately.

In fact, with various existing marketing channels, you can easily run it immediately. For example, through websites or social media.

5 Ways to Make an Interesting Giveaway

With the many benefits of giveaways, you want to know more about how to make a giveaway, right? So, here are the steps:

1. Setting Giveaway Goals 

The first step to creating a giveaway is setting goals. Do you want followers more, more selling products, or want to be closer to customers? Yes, that’s right, to increase engagement.

With this event, customers have the opportunity to share experiences about the latest products. Especially if the testimonials are positive, of course it can increase trust in the brand.

2. Choose the Right Giveaway Giveaway

Choose a giveaway prize that fits your promotional goals and audience.

Say, you want to get leads. Well, one of the most effective gifts, of course, is sharing your own product. Why is that?

First, if many participants become participants, it means that your product is wanted by consumers. So, there will be many leads that can be obtained. Second, you give participants the opportunity to use your product with prizes being distributed. 

3. Determining the Giveaway Requirements 

If the requirements are few and the prizes are many, of course the chances are that there will be more participants, right? However, is it in line with your giveaway goal?

An event giveaway may ask participants to follow, like, comment, and tag friends. These terms are suitable for engagement purposes. Because, it will encourage participant interaction on your social media accounts. 

However, if the goal is to increase leads or brand awareness, creating a challenge can be a condition.

In the post, Toko Mutiara asked its participants to link a product with the right variant. The more participants who answered the product variant, the more people saw it. 

Of course that makes a product more familiar right? Well, that’s the importance of determining the requirements according to your goals. 

4. Using Hashtags

Have you ever seen hashtags like #promo1212? 

Hashtags function to group content. So, it will make it easier for your audience to find your post. In addition, hashtags can be used to show brands or promotional campaigns being carried out. 

Therefore, don’t forget the hashtag when doing the giveaway. Especially, if your goal is to increase engagement.

In fact, according to Simply Measured research, hashtags can increase engagement by up to 12.6%. Are you sure you want to miss it?

5. Announcing the Giveaway Winner

At the end of the giveaway period, it’s time to announce the winner. 

Ideally, announcements can use the platform at the start of the event. However, for businesses, it would be better if this information is also displayed on the official website. The goal is to avoid fraud attempts by other parties. 

Make an official announcement using your brand to make it more trusted. Also, don’t forget to contact the winner immediately to find out how to get the prize. 

You can also make a special post to thank your audience for participating. If necessary, display their work if the requirements are in the form of collecting photos and others.

Tips for Holding an Effective Giveaway

I’m tired of making giveaways, but the results aren’t satisfactory…

Don’t let that happen, OK? So, here are some tips for holding a giveaway to suit your goals:

1. Hold it at a Certain Moment 

It’s impossible for a giveaway to be held every day, right? Besides eliminating the special impression, you will also waste your budget.

So, it’s better to hold a giveaway at certain moments, OK! For example, during Christmas and the end of the year . 

Another example, hold it during special achievement moments like getting 100k followers. Now. if you have reached 200k followers, do another giveaway. And so on. So, feels special, right?

By holding on special moments, followers will continue to wait for it. It’s not impossible that they will continue to monitor your social media. Either just giveaway info or to get the latest information. 

2. Reach the Right Audience  

While anyone can enter the giveaway, the hope is that you can target the right audience, right?

Therefore, learn who your audience is by creating buyer personas. Then, hold it with attractive prizes and the right moment for them. Because, they are the ones who will become your potential customers. 

For example, Lenovo held a giveaway at the launch of its newest product, namely the Yoga Slim 7. 

With the target of content creators, prizes in the form of laptops and headphones, are of course quite relevant, right? Moreover, the newest product itself is superior in terms of video editing. 

You can imagine if the people who will take part in the event are of course content creators who are eyeing the advantages of Yoga Slim 7.   

3. Collaboration with Other Brands

So, the next tip you can do is to work with other brands. 

However, don’t just choose a brand to work with. Because, you need to work with brands that have the same target market. 

It’s Time to Share Prizes through Giveaway Promos!

Happy! Now you have learned what a giveaway is. In essence, giveaway is a win-win solution. Winners get prizes, you get engagement, brand awareness or leads.

Whatever type to make, the steps must be right, you know. You can use five ways as described above:

  1. Define the goal
  2. Choose the right prize
  3. Provide relevant conditions
  4. Use the hashtag
  5. Announce the winner at the end of the period

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