7+ Popular Social Media for Business

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to start switching to online businesses? Like, creating an online shop website, promoting via social media, and using the Google Ads. Why? Because this method is considered a powerful way so that your business can survive.  

So, if you have a business, immediately switch to online business and maximize the use of available applications and tools. You can start by taking advantage of social media. 

So, in this article, we will provide potential social media recommendations to make your business successful. What are you curious about? Without further ado, let’s look at the following explanation.

7+ Popular Social Media for Business 

Social media is indeed very suitable to be one of your marketing tools. Below we outline popular social media apps. Of course, you don’t need to use all of them for your business. 

Just use a platform that is in accordance with your business targets. Which social media will suit your business? Immediately see the description below.

1. YouTube 

Did you know that the title of the highest number of social media users is held by YouTube. Of the total internet users, 88 percent of users use Youtube to play videos, especially music videos. 

The large number of YouTube users is of course very profitable for YouTube. However, not only for Youtube, business owners who want to introduce and promote their business also benefit. 

Why should a company consider utilizing YouTube, and what are the benefits of doing so?

  • Demonstrating products 
  • Branding your business 
  • Increasing brand awareness 
  • Solving customer problems

By using YouTube, you can create video content that suits your target audience or target market . 

For example, Toyota creates mini web series content that airs on YouTube. The mini web series went viral and got more than 5 million viewers. In the video, Toyota does not clearly “sell” cars. 

However, Toyota claims their sales have increased. They also believe that it is marketing through the YouTube channel that makes prospective customers more confident in buying Toyota products. After Toyota’s success with its mini series on Youtube, many other well-known brands have also made mini series. Your business can also follow this step. 

Oh yes, in order for your videos to appear in the top search results, you need to optimize your YouTube videos. For a more in-depth explanation of YouTube SEO, please read our article on the Complete YouTube SEO Guide. 

Then, see how your videos are performing with Youtube Analytics. By studying video statistical data, you can further optimize your video content. Check out a more detailed explanation in the Youtube Analytics that we have made. There you can learn how to analyze metrics in Youtube Analytics.

2. WhatsApp 

Almost all internet users use WhatsApp. Maybe you are one of them. There are around 124 million internet users using WhatsApp on their gadgets. Users also vary, ranging from 16 years old to 64 years old. 

Whenever they need to contact one another, they turn to WhatsApp. Easy-to-use features such as chat, voice and video calls are his favorites. 

As a result, it is now possible for entrepreneurs to use this form of communication not only for personal but also professional purposes. WhatsApp has launched a business-specific platform, namely WhatsApp Business. 

Unlike the WhatsApp that is used by many people, WhatsApp Business has special features that can support the communication and marketing needs of business owners. What are the features? 

  • Business Profile for More Trusted

Display of a verified business profile with a blue tick will be more trusted by customers. It’s undeniable, nowadays there are lots of fraudulent modes from fake sellers. Well, WhatsApp Business provides a feature of setting up your business profile and will be verified by WhatsApp. 

  • Automatic Message Replies 

There are three types of automatic message replies available on WhatsApp Business, namely Away Messages, Greeting Messages, and Quick Replies. 

Away message – function to reply to customer messages automatically when you are outside working hours or when you are off. You can create and customize the contents of the message according to your business needs. 

Greeting Message – as the name suggests, this feature functions to reply to messages with greetings when customers first chat with you. 

Quick Replies – with this feature, you can reply to messages quickly without having to type them first. Just press the “/” sign when replying to a message, then a list of answers that you have created will appear. 

  • Your Business Product Catalog You 

can also add information and pictures of your products in the Catalog feature. So customers can immediately see a list of products that you offer. 

  • Message Statistics 

After you have broadcast your offer across various customer contacts, you can review how the statistics are. For example the statistics of messages that have been sent, received, and read. If you know the statistics, you can judge which messages were effective and evaluate each message.  

  • Labeling Customers

This feature will make it easier for you to know the status of your customers. For example, you label a customer who has not made a payment with the label “Unpaid”. If you have already labeled a customer, you can send a special message for unpaid subscribers.   

With the features provided by WhatsApp Business, you can easily promote your business and communicate with your customers. 

To find out more about WhatsApp Business, please read our special article about WhatsApp Business in the article Getting to Know WhatsApp Business for Your Business.

3. Facebook 

Facebook is a social media with an ever-increasing number of users.20-29 years old. 

The popularity of Facebook as a social media is perfect as a field to introduce your business. Plus, many of your target audience use Facebook. Not only introducing your business, you can also use Facebook to increase engagement, website traffic, and get leads. 

Then, how?

Create a business Facebook page and fill it with interesting content according to your business targets. You can make short product usage tutorials, product updates, and testimonials from customers. Not only marketing products, you can also share light content or quizzes. 

One example is Loot Crate, a subscription box merchandise company for gaming and anime or movie lovers. In his post, Loot Crate invites the audience to play and share ideas. Approximately which Marvel superhero will be chosen to fight Thanos. As a result, the engagement of the post is high. 

After creating interesting content, you can try using the ads feature from Facebook. This feature can promote your business page or product advertisement so that it can be reached by many people. Interestingly, you can determine which audience will get the ad. So, your content or advertisement can be reached by the right target market. 

4.Instagram _ 

Almost rivaling Facebook, Instagram has more than 61 million active users. Interesting fact, the number of Instagram users is dominated by users aged 18-24 years.

If your business target audience uses Instagram a lot, you must promote your business on Instagram. Moreover, according to the survey, as many as 45 percent of users often buy products they see on Instagram. 

So, on Instagram, you can create interesting content by utilizing several services, such as Feed, Instagram Story, and IG TV. Use this service to make content for Instagram Live broadcasts, social media posts, and other promotional efforts. You can also make video tutorials on IG TV. 

For example, like The Body Shop. They make makeup tutorial content and skincare routines on their IG TV Instagram account. The audience was also interested in the tutorial so that the video could get high engagement. 

You can also take advantage of special features from Instagram, namely Instagram Ads. This feature is similar to Facebook Ads. Your ad can appear in Instagram stories or feeds from your target audience. Simply set which audience you will target. You can also choose to direct your audience to your Instagram account or to your online shop website. 

Oh yes, you can also work with influencers on Instagram to introduce your brand. From advertising on Instagram, your business sales have the opportunity to increase. If you are interested in knowing more about how to advertise on Instagram with the Instagram Ads feature, please read the article How to Make Instagram Ads for Beginners.

5. Twitter 

Do you remember the story of KKN Village Dancers? This story tells of a group of students who undergo KKN in a haunted village. Relax first, in this chapter we will not review the details of the story. However, what’s interesting is that the story went viral and started from a thread on Twitter. 

Starting from Twitter, the story could become a viral topic throughout cyberspace. From this, we can see that Twitter users are very quick to respond to trending topics. 

This is also evident from the market share on Twitter in 2019 which experienced a jump to 42.75%. This interesting information could be the reason why you should give Twitter Marketing. Plus, the number of Twitter users occupies the highest position after Instagram.  

Another good news, on Twitter, allows you to get exposure higherYour Tweets can appear in the timeline of users who have liked, retweeted, replied to, and promoted your tweets. From this facility, the user’s followers can also see your tweets. 

For example, Netflix, a drama series and film platform from America, often creates threads on Twitter. In this post, Netflix asks the audience to share their experiences and will also share movies to watch. As a result, many people have shared their experiences and liked the thread. 

So, if you want to reach more Twitter users quickly, you can use the Twitter Ads feature. With this feature, you can target users who have interests that match your business. So. Your ad will be more effective at targeting your target market.

No less interesting, you can also use automation to turn posts from blogs or other social media platforms into a tweet. You do this by utilizing the IFTTT service.

6. Line

Apart from WhatsApp, there is another message-based social media that is also popular, namely Line. It said its users reached 90 million users. Interestingly 80% of users are teenagers. 

If many of your target audience use Line, you certainly need to carry out several marketing strategies on this platform. 

The good news is, Line has Line@, which is a special platform to make it easier for business owners to carry out their marketing strategies. What’s special about Line@ is that it integrates with Line contacts. So contacts already stored in the Line account will automatically be stored in Line@. 

So, you don’t need to input one contact at a time to send a broadcast message. 

Another easy way to get a database of Line customer contacts is to simply include your Line@ link on your website. If a website visitor clicks on the link, the visitor’s Line account will automatically be stored in your Line@ followers database.   

Another feature is the availability of an automatic reply feature if there is an incoming message outside of your operating hours or when you are off. Interestingly, Line@ can reply automatically according to certain keywords. That way, your communication with customers will remain good. 

After sending broadcast messages and creating content on the timeline, you can check the performance of your messages with the statistics feature. From that statistical data, you can analyze how to manage your messages and content to be more optimal. 

7. LinkedIn

This social media is indeed better known as the social media for working professionals. On LinkedIn, users can create profiles such as Curriculum Vitae to build a good reputation in the eyes of HR. 

However, it turns out that not only professional workers, your business can also use LinkedIn to promote your business. 

You need to know that LinkedIn users worldwide reach 675 million users spread across 200 countries. 

So, try posting some interesting content regularly to increase brand awareness on your business’s LinkedIn page.

It doesn’t just have to be product promotion, really. On LinkedIn business, you can share interesting content about interview tips, just like what Amazon does. Because LinkedIn is a platform that is widely used by job seekers, this content will definitely be very useful and of course you can get high engagement.   

Well, there are also several features from LinkedIn that you can take advantage of, namely sponsored content, text ads, and sponsored InMails.

  • Sponsored content – ​​this feature can promote your posts to reach more users. 
  • Text ads – this feature is a paid (pay per click) that can appear on the LinkedIn homepage, profile page, or search results page.  
  • Sponsored InMail – this feature is similar to email marketing. However, in this feature, you can automatically send offer messages to LinkedIn members who are online. 

Finally, you can observe how your LinkedIn page is performing with the LinkedIn Analytics feature. With it, you can see who visited your LinkedIn page, how they interacted with your content, and see how your ads are performing. So you can maximize your content and profile.

8. Tik-Tok 

Who likes to play Tik Tok? Social media that promotes this video feature is currently a hit among young people, especially those aged 16-24 years. Even though it was blocked in several countries, Tik Tok has now become a popular social media. 

In fact, Tik Tok is predicted to be able to rival Instagram’s popularity. This app has 625 million active users worldwide.

There are several ways you can promote your business on Tik Tok.

  • Making creative videos

Not just dancing, there are many other creative content ideas that you can make to promote your business. If you have a culinary business, you can make video tutorials for your main business menu. 

For example the fashion brand Calvin Klein. They use TikTok for the promotion of their newest product.

Another example is Sephora, a skincare and cosmetics store. They took advantage of the moment of National Lipstick Day to make a TikTok video with the lipstick products they sell.

  1. Using the Hashtag Challenges feature, 

Tik Tok users always like challenges. This Hashtag Challenge turns out to be a way to promote your business. All you need to do is conceptualize the challenge and get other people to do it. 

This method has apparently been used by well-known brands such as Guess with the #InMyDenim hashtag challenge. The concept is simple, just start by wearing shabby clothes, then you will become more confident when using Guess outfits. 

This hashtag challenge actually aims to create brand awareness and build user engagement with your business products. 

You can also use the hashtag challenge paid promotion feature, so that your hashtag challenge can be reached by more users.

  1. Work with Influencers 

Working with influencers on Tik Tok can expand your business reach. However, before choosing an influencer, make sure the influencer’s audience matches your target market’s audience. 

  1. Using Tik Tok Ads

Tik Tok itself has provided advertising features for business owners who want to take advantage of the fame of this application. The Tik Tok ad feature is almost similar to Facebook’s ads. 

This feature can help you reach more users to see your ads. You also determine who your target audience will be.

Come on, Start Switching to Online Business!

After reading the description above, now you know that there are many social media that can be used for the success of your business, right? However, advertising on social media alone is not enough. You also have to have a website for business. 

Why? By having a website, the chances of your website appearing on Google will be high. If your website has appeared on Google, the chances of your business being found by many people are higher. Not only that, a website will make your business look more credible. 

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