Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Some of you may already be familiar with social media advertising. The application of online marketing through social media platforms is considered quite effective in reaching potential customers easily. However, have you done it right? Or, do you use only one platform and find that you haven’t gotten the maximum results? So, in the following … Read more

7+ Popular Social Media for Business

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to start switching to online businesses? Like, creating an online shop website, promoting via social media, and using the Google Ads. Why? Because this method is considered a powerful way so that your business can survive.   So, if you have a business, immediately switch to online business … Read more

Customer Experience: Definition, Examples, and Strategies

Before you scroll down, try to position yourself as a consumer. Then, tell us how you feel after making a purchase that was backed by stellar customer service. You’ll have a lot of fun, you’ll feel appreciated, and you’ll want to shop there again in the end. However, how do you feel when you get … Read more

Digital Marketing Metrics You Must Know

Ever heard of the term digital marketing metrics? Digital marketing metrics are a set of values ​​used to measure and track the success of a marketing effort using digital marketing. Generally, these measurements are carried out with the help of tools, such as Google Analytics. Metrics that are measured can be an indication of whether … Read more